Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sarah's wedding announcement

The theme for Sarah's* wedding is 1950's garden party. I scanned the images from a 1950's garden book. The cards have a quarter inch white border around the outside (I should have put a border on, it isn't showing well on this blog. So..... what do you think? I don't think they ended up very authentic '50's but I do like them.

*For those of you who may know Sarah, the dates on this announcement are not final so don't write them down in your calendar just yet.


  1. ash, some thoughts:
    1. i think the concept is really nice. the second piece seems to nail it the most, in my eyes. I really like that one, especially.
    2. the interstate font (that's what you're using, right?) feels awkwardly out of it's era in there. what about something like futura?
    3. i really like the white ornamentation that you bring in. again, i think it works best in the second piece overall. I like the way it sits in the flowers in the first, but the 1/2 border on the top and left side feels a little weird to me. I'm not sure if it's just me being square or what. I don't know… i don't think I would want it going over to the flowers as I really like the way they're extending off the blue.

  2. The second is definitely my fav. That image is great. And I agree with Cole about interstate. It feels a little heavy to me in the first invite? But I don't know if everything has to be straight up 1950's. I think you can fake it with something else and have it still look 50's, if that makes sense.

  3. Good concept. Image 2 works the best. Like the white border, but when you break the border it seems to cause some weird shapes. Does that make sense? White flourishes are a good touch but would look at making the top ones in image 2 balanced/evenly spaced.