Saturday, September 11, 2010

coolages (cool collages)

I am working on a little home decoratey project, which may or may not be welcomed on this blog. It's design related I promise!

I want to frame some of my bfa pieces for my living room. I did 24 collages, but some of them are total crap so I want to get some sweet square frames and pick my favorites. I can't decide whether to do a series of six or nine. The the frames are like 20"x20". So they are pretty big. That is why I'm hesitant about doing nine. That would take up a big chunk of wall, but I'm not opposed to it because I think they lend themselves nicely to the whole square motif. But I can't choose which ones to elimate? What say ye? Which ones should I frame and should I do a series of 6 or 9?! 

 Or just six????
Or maybe just four? Vote! Help!

Friday, September 3, 2010

insideSales posters

Some of you may know that I used to work for a company in Utah called inside|sales. You can see some of the collateral and branding I did for them a couple years ago on my site.
Anyways, they got in touch with me about a month or so ago to do some posters for them. The concept behind them is tying their achievements in their sphere of influence to great world leaders/innovators of the past. Lets get past the moral issues of making a claim like that—another conversation entirely. These are basically in-house propaganda posters to try to sell the "vision" to the employees. So, such bold (or blasphemous) claims kinda slide a little under that kind of setting and use. And, really, without getting too much into their story, lets just say that the stretch may not be as ridiculous as it seems right off the bat.
ANYWAYS. here are some of the illustrations (in order of completed-ness). Click on them to see some details since they're probably going to be pretty small here.

Any thoughts on these? The artistic concept behind them is kind of a fusion of Russian Constructivism and Web 2.0/2010 tech-style. And here's the precedent:
So, I feel pretty good about the illustrations. But I'm struggling on the accompanying typography.
I feel like the type should be pretty contemporary, almost verging on "trendy" and I've been looking to a lot of NIKE ads and design for inspiration. I have 7 different directions that are really rough at this point, but I'd love to get some feedback on them.
And a couple implemented into the design…

Any thoughts, critiques, suggestions you can offer would be great. really appreciate them from the other project…