Saturday, September 11, 2010

coolages (cool collages)

I am working on a little home decoratey project, which may or may not be welcomed on this blog. It's design related I promise!

I want to frame some of my bfa pieces for my living room. I did 24 collages, but some of them are total crap so I want to get some sweet square frames and pick my favorites. I can't decide whether to do a series of six or nine. The the frames are like 20"x20". So they are pretty big. That is why I'm hesitant about doing nine. That would take up a big chunk of wall, but I'm not opposed to it because I think they lend themselves nicely to the whole square motif. But I can't choose which ones to elimate? What say ye? Which ones should I frame and should I do a series of 6 or 9?! 

 Or just six????
Or maybe just four? Vote! Help!


  1. I think I would lean toward the 3x3, but I suppose how it fits in the room would have a big say in that decision. they look really nice, though. yeah, i would have a hard time singling any out to "get rid of"…

  2. I would go 3x3. Mainly cause I can't pick any to pull out. They are really quite awesome.