Monday, August 16, 2010

business card printer?

So this girl asked me to design a logo/business card/blog header for her. She of course chose the most boring sketch I sent her, but that is water under the bridge now. The images above are for the business card. She said she would get them printed herself and asked me for advice on where to print them. Well, these are her exact words:

"question...what type of printing would you rec for the business card? I think the back being that grapefruit color would be too much for letterpress. Flatfinish printing? On like a heavy cardstock? Do you have a rec for a printer?"

Sadly I don't have any rec(comendations) for a printer. What type/where would you guys print something like this? She lives in Virginia. I feel like I would just print them letterpress and see/like how they turned out. Any advice?

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  1. it's funny that i saw this just now because I just saw "Lauryn Galloway" in my gmail contacts and i was like: who is lauryn galloway? and then I thought: i dunno. but i'm going to check in on the grüp. and then the page opened and there was Lauryn Galloway. I had to double check gmail because I was so taken aback… what are the chances?

    anyways, this is final? you couldn't really letterpress the back (grapefruit) side of the card because of those little white spots. unless you flooded almost the whole back… that would get expensive. 3 colors on the front, 2 on the back. 5 runs! I could see the front looking really nice pressed, though.

    What were you thinking for the back if you were to press it?

    And, I kinda feel that with the playfulness of the design that you'd probably want to counter with exceptional printing to still communicate professionalism. Letterpress is always great for that.